A Poetic Eff You to Miley Cyrus and Disney Corporate

I don’t follow Miley Cyrus.
I don’t like Miley Cyrus.
Today, when I saw that video,
I was reminded of the one
big fat reason why I ignore
teeny bopper Disney poison.


There is reason why Miley and her
White Disney can imbrue the hearts
of young Asian girls and boys
and still sell their music.

Their eyes are shaped like almonds,
like slivers of the moon
or sideways rockets
or glitters of black diamonds.

Their young eyes are fully open
in Ways yours and mine never
will be again.

And the beat of racism sounds
like it has all the other days.
It drowns out anything else
that could be put to music
and sold.

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One thought on “A Poetic Eff You to Miley Cyrus and Disney Corporate

  1. Divalocity

    I don’t care for the young lady either because she is being used by her parents and Disney as a money making machine. She’ll probably end up just like Britney Spears because clearly money is the ruler in their home.

    It pains me when I see young girls who already have low self-esteems simply because their mothers have failed to teach them that they are more than their looks.

    You have a teen marketing machine where they further promote negativity to these kids as a means to exploit them for money.

    I’m glad that my daughters never followed someone like her.

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