Good-bye to Anonymous Privileges

How I have tried to make you feel included
by allowing your comments and words,
but I think it’s time to change that
and now wail a song of dirge.

Your barrage of f*uck you’s and threats
once scared me to the bone,
but now I realize you write these things
behind a screen, faceless, and alone.

Oh Anon, I have no idea who or where you are
Managua, San Antonio, or Madrid –
But, I suggest you at least identify your soul
and claim your own words as I did.

Because there’s an unspoken rule I believe in life:
That your energy fills your space;
and your constant negativity spewed at me
is neutralized by your Anonymous face.

A troll, a hater, a miserable hobbit?
I don’t know why you insist on staying here –
But one thing I know about remaining anon
You don’t change when you live in fear.

And so, no more Anonymous comments are allowed
here at My Ecdysis, my blog.
Go visit someone else, go leave your hate there
or wander in your dark cyber fog.

I appreciate all commenters’ time and thoughts
and render each person smart –
But I have a thick skin and a witty mind, too
And so your f-bombs aren’t taken to heart.

All the best to you, Anon –
I hope you have a happy life that’s kind!
I’m sure you’re more than your hateful crap
that you fruitlessly leave behind.

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